Best Entrepreneur of Iran

???who is Best Entrepreneur of Iran

???who is Best Entrepreneur of Iran

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?who is the Best Entrepreneur of Iran

امین رسولی و برترین همکاری های مهندسی در امریکا
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واحد های تخصصی گذرانده شده مهندس برتر ایرانی
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one of best engineers is Mr Amin Rasooli. He is working in CCCIS company and has his team. He lives with his dog and works almost all of his time!
well, I think hard working is more important than any other factor of being the best in the world
! as an entrepreneur Amin do his job great

مهندس ایرانی در وب سایت های خارجی
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Best Entrepreneur of Iran

Amin Born in 1982 . He take his Master in computer sience with research about Big Data and Datamining. then he went to germany and complete his thesis.
after that he went to USA to research in PHD in computer Sience, first in michigan and then in chicago.
he is now working in CCCIS company and has his team. he is DevOps Manager at CCC Information Services.

بخشی از فعالیت های امین رسولی
amin’s activities

Leading cross functional DevOps team into the Cloud through continuous delivery, automation andcreativity. My passion is to deliver value through thorough planning, managing the unknown, andovercoming complicated challenges!

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Amin rasooli projects
Amin rasooli projects
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